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I'm kind of like those dots.. If you're a woman and you meet me in a bar, your first impression is of scruffy, middle aged, slightly less attractive Charles Bukowski... But try this experiment.. First order three Patron tequilas and knock 'em down one after another.. No training wheels.. no sipping.. Slam the empty glasses on the table and check me out again.. You'll find that I look a hell of a lot closer to the old David Duchovny in Californication.. Even weirder.. repeat the experiment and I start to look like the young David Duchovny from X-Files.. That or you'll just pass out and you can tell your friends later that you spent the night having wild sex with with the young David Duchovny... Reality is whatever you think you remember...

prairie biker


For me you were Sheryl Crow.


for some reason those green dots made me
want jujufruits ... those go with Patron
tequila, don't they? mmmm, some reality.


Wow - how did they know when I was looking at the black cross so they could change the color of the dots? Can they see me through my iCamera?

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