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I'd like to get a few of these to put in an ant farm with the regular ants. Just to see what would happen.

Regular Ant: Hey! This is our farm and if you don't get the hell out we're....

Bruneian Ant: Ka-boom!

Other Regular Ants: Yeah. Okay then. Welcome to our farm. We have cable and there's beer in the fridge. Hep your own selfs.


It reminds me of the Blazing Saddles scene when Cleavon Little puts a gun to his own head and takes himself hostage.


There are so many movies that I need to see again now that I'd find the humor mmmmm, well, now that I'd just find the humor.

Curtis Threats

is their anyway possible you can get me live footage of this phenomena in action. I'm a research scientost amd I would love to post this on my developing web page. I UNDERSTAND work is work and if you want cash for this recording if you can get it that wont be a problem.

thank you very much

Curtis Threats


So obviously these are muslim ants.

some guy

LMAO at "So obviously these are muslim ants". LOL, HA HA HA HA HA, ROFL...



ummm...do these ants ever blow their sexual partner up if they're having an affair with them?


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