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The picture is black and white, but so is the dog, so it works.


Her name is Sami, and she's about 14.


She's beautiful. Do you belong to Sami?


We belong to Sami, as do our two other dogs. Sami is the ALPHA DOG. She occasionally disciplines the other dogs by howling at them. She also howls at the piano, which makes practicing a bit problematic, but she does tune to the pitches very nicely. She has never growled in all these years, she lets children do whatever they want with her (until she gets fed up and quietly walks away), and she brings us "treats" now and then (like mostly dead rabbits) with great pride.


And she has big chocolate brown eyes that ask for biscuits in the sweetest possible way.

maggie katzen

aawwww. maybe she could come get my puppy in line.

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