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There's something funny about a literary expert such as yourself, Gail, saying the phrase "they poop a lot."


They excrete mass quanities.

maggie katzen

they defecate at an alarming rate.


The fowl's bowls evacuate more often than terror threatened Capitol Hill denizens.


BOWELS - drat!


I knew what you meant. Funny, when I heard about the evacuation on Capitol Hill, that's exactly what I thought of. Not birds but congresspeople.


We have covered parking in my apt complex. There's a nest over my car. I'm able to park just enough to the left to avoid the poop.

Last year the mother dove had three sets of two babies. So far this year she's had one pair and she's due pretty soon for her second.

I'm assuming it's the same dove but I'm no Marlin Perkins. Don't know.....


Doves are incredibly placid animals. My daughter had a pet dove that would let her cuddle it like a stuffed toy. She'd play "hide the dove" by putting the bird in a closed drawer and making me go look for it. Eventually the bird would give herself away by cooing.


My mother dove always looks mad when I go to my car. She's just protecting her eggs, of course. Sometimes she turns her head to the side and gives me the Evil Eye.

jesse schnurman

I'm going to get a dove a i would like to know if they poop a lot? When should I clean it? HELP!

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