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Jake H.

Comment: This was about as easy to follow as R. A. Wilson's Illuminati Trilogy.. I'm just saying.. =)


Hey, everybody! Gail's got Instalunch! "A Tale of Trout".


Maybe one of these days I'm going to have to institute a policy of "making sense" in the Round Robins, but there's something to be said for the surrealist approach as well.


At least with this approach, one can never tell whether it's finished or not. Regardless ... it's pretty damn funny.


Needs more carriage returns.

Continuity can be overrated. Expect trackbacks from pro-marijuana blogs.

Jake H.

I like it ....

maggie katzen

ooooh, original tamale kit.


I fixed the line breaks so it reads a little better now. It doesn't make any more sense,but it does read better.


My God! What have we done??


I think we've broken all the cardinal rules of narratology, that's what.

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