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Reynolds did it just a couple of months ago, so I'd say you're cool with elephants.


So if Reynolds does it, it's cool. Argumentum ad auctoritatem.


Well, cool as in OK. I'd be comfortable with him as an authority on running a respectable blog. When you consider traffic level, number of posts, and classiness of the blogger he's pretty tough to top. If I were you, Gail, I wouldn't worry about it though. I've been thinking about starting a catblog just to try irritating Goldstein if I ever get more time.


I'm just kidding. (It's a silly argument isn't it?)


Yup. Ridiculous. (I was playing too.)


Elephantblogging is much more acceptable than catblogging. Elephants have a certain cache that cats, in general, lack.


Plus, compare the litter boxes.


I think the litter boxes would be the cache. Except for the dead robin under the dresser. And quite frankly, JW, I think that favors the kitties. Now if you're talking about cachet.....well, that still favors the kitties.

Go ahead, Ana, call me a smart-ass.

maggie katzen

reynolds has cat blogged, long, long ago. as far as i know though, anything other than cat is okay. maybe it has something to do with the "crazy cat lady" stigma.


Craig, you know that consistency in spelling is the hobgoblin of something or another. I can't be bothered. I mean, really. Am I expected to spell when I need cheery pinkpinkpink toes? No. I didn't think so.

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