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I haven't been able to get into my hotmail account all day, so if anyone has been trying to contact me, send to [email protected] instead.



An site with all kinds of little tests that you can take about your subconscious preferences. If you believe that kind of crap.

Apparently I'm homonormative, biased in favor of the blue hairs, unlikely to racially profile--unless you're a white guy, really like the jooooos, enjoy the company of the obese, identify more strongly with blacks than whites, show only a little prejudice against arab muslims, think of women when I think of science, and (heh) strongly associate chicks with the hearth and guys with the paychecks.

It's interesting to see what happens to your results if you take a test twice--the first time thinking of a person who belongs to that group that you love and the next time thinking of a person who belongs to that group who you don't think much of. When I thought of a little girl in my church who is black my results were different than when I thought of Michael Jackson.

When I did the women/science test I thought of my ob and midwife and the results were that I linked women and science. When I did the gender home/career correlation test, I thought of my sons and it skewed markedly towards men/career women/home.

Now I must sleep. Okay. I must check the Manolo Shoe Blog and then sleep.


Night Ana. Sleep tight.

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