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maggie katzen



Hm. Plaid or madras golf slacks. Biting social commentary of the Republican Party?


I didn't know the Red Thingies and the Green Whosits could work together. It's all about incluuuusion, people.


Is that a three-iron he's using from the rough?


Hey everybody, Iowahawk is channeling Dick again.



Rob told me he painted this with cattle marker something or other. Perhaps he would care to elaborate.


I didn't know Iowahawk swung that way, Craig.


I knew someone would take the bait.

William S. Burroughs

Dont be misled by their banal, countryclubbish appearance. These are the very creatures that have been surreptitiously siphoning off the very quintessence of my male potency through nocturnal visitations and forays in which they imbibe my jissom . It's all in my book. Read it for yourself.

Dont let them fool you.

William S. Burroughs

Arrgh ! You see ? The creature in red mocks me with his "Tiny Weenie" handsign. And the one in green bores holes in me with his eyes as he sucks on that 'cigar'.. and the symbolism in his use of the 3 iron is all too transparent.

He might as well be saying aloud;

"After we finish this hole, what say we head on over to the clubhouse for a couple cold ones then head on over to Bill's place and drink his jissom ?"

Could in be any plainer?

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