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Yes, but then you only get the top half of the picture.


I can scroll it down.


And I'm not Brad Pitt. A co-worker says I resmeble Donny Osmond. ???

She claims she doesn't hate me...




The man is wired! I'm really worried about the fetal position, though. We could at least pitch in and get the guy a desk, dontcha think?

Rob B.

The movie star comparison I draw most now is the gay sound guy from Boogie Nights. That's a real ego booster.


Hey - I just thought it would make ya'll laugh! Jake, it's from '98 Telluride Magazine (strictly small potatoes) and since then I've gone almost totally white. Hood's right about the shirt. You realize what this means, don't you. Now EVERYONE has to submit a mugshot! And Diana, that's not a fetal position, it's to facilitate a long, forceful spanking. . .


Nice article "Jonathan" [wink-wink]. Looks like your buddies over at Langley actually put their heads together and got creative with this cover story. Hell, the most interesting one I ever got back in the day was "Joseph Smith, 34, Fertilizer Salesman from Los Banos, California" and they damn sure never worked up any magazine articles to support it.

You must be some high speed, low drag operator to warrant this treatment.



Seriously though, you remind me of a younger (and living) Walter Matthau.. Kind of a hippy Walter Matthau with that long hair, but Walt nonetheless..


It must be that puckish expression.

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