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Ah, serendipity, again. Guess what we had for dinner last night?

Rob B.

A #5 Bacon Cheeseburger Whataburger, whatasized with a Dr Pepper? Wow, me too!


Bet they didnt get that bad boy by noodling..


I would NOT like to be in the water with that thing.


Crikey, that thing's huge! Good for the fishermen.


They shared it with their whole village. That's what large catfish are for.


Mmmmm ... catfish.

There are some 'restaurants' (well, I say 'restaurants' in that they define themselves that way - almost anyone looking at them would say "that is a house.") along the Chattahoochee river where the river makes the border between Georgia and Alabama, that serve catfish and hushpuppies along with raw vegetables (onions, carrots, radishes, sometimes turnips), and cole slaw - usually Tuesday through Thursday nights from 5 PM - 9 PM. They are almost impossible to find if you don't know the backroads. And normal people wouldn't walk up to someone's house on a dirt road out in the boonies and ask for dinner. There's nothing quite like sitting at a table with 30 or so other folks most of whom you have never met or will ever see again - stuffing your face with catfish so fresh that they curl into a semi-circle in the fryer. The little sweet hushpuppies (for the non-Southener, these are little fried morsels of cornbread, usually mixed with onions and other seasonings and most of the time sweetened with a bit of sugar) are indescribable. The best of these places don't have a set price - you just leave what you think it's worth on the table - I'm certain they make more money that way.

Guess I'll have to muster up a trip back down south this summer because now I'm really hungry.

I heard legends as I was growing up about catfish as large as cars living around some of the dams in the river, but the largest I ever caught was about 30 pounds - and it was plenty huge enough for me. Someday if you want I'll tell some fishing stories about growing up in Alabama - including a doozy about spearfishing for catfish - but we have to get pretty drunked up first.


MC... I have never seen anyone describe those little eateries before.. I didnt think anyone outside the South even knew about them. Damn, youve made my mouth water with good memories...

There's a place kinda like that up here in Seattle oddly enough.. in Greenwood. A little tiny place that IS labelled as a BBQ and is run by a man out of Georgia. You can dine in if their one or two tables isnt already taken.. others do take out.. but if it werent for the sign you'd think you were sitting in some poor folks home..and not a well kept one at that.. But damn.. for one reasonable price (cant remember exactly how much.. but it wasnt too much) he just lays on the chow.. BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, BBQ hotlinks, Catfish, home cooked Black eyed peas, greens, corn, sweet potatoe pie..some of everything.. Its good eatin.. Maybe not as good as the best of the South.. but great for scratchin' that southern food itch between trips down there.


You could make a lot of catfish beignets from that thing.


Jake - I'll have to check out that place in Greenwood. By the lake?

Have you ever been to the 3-Pigs BBQ in Bellevue? Not cheap, but really good pulled pork.

I'm going to lunch now.

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