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Where's the bass boat?


That should be: "Where's the Scribal bass boat?"


All guys love that stuff.. I stop by GI Joe's to pick up some rounds for my pistol and end up window shopping for hours , looking at stuff like high end BBQs and trailer hitches and wake boards and fancy sunglasses.. like I would or even could use any of it.. but I have a blast =)


I think I'll just refer to him as "Mr. Terror", because damn that's a cool nickname.


Ah, the mothership.


One year we saw a group of Amish or Mennonites wandering through looking through the binoculars and just having a grand old time, all in their plain, homespun blue or black cottons, the women in bonnets and the men in hats.

maggie katzen

aw, you should have gone to the one in OKC and said hi to my sister. she does display work for them, which seems like it mainly entails handling dead animals.


the Cabelas store in Nebraska is pretty kick butt too and I'm lovin the REI headquarters in Seattle now if only I had a job......hmmmmmm


FilthyCommie, where ya been, man ? You should have come shooting with us (MC & I) yesterday.. Were going again in a couple weeks.. Drop me a line if you want to go.


Get those resumes out there, boy. Who wouldn't want to give a day job to a certified bicycle mechanic who is also a natural foods expert with a verbal IQ of a gazillion? Seriously. He's in Seattle folks. Hire him.

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