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He thinks he's a cat.


This one was not the depositor of the post vacation dessicated turd of welcome. No. This guy's got a clear conscience. Got any guilty looking dogs?


The other dogs look guilty even when they haven't done anything wrong. Charley always looks innocent and carefree even when he's been peeing on the piano bench or tipping over the garbage.


"Dessicated Turd of Welcome"...what a great name for a band!

Gail, being the late night doggie visitor, I feel great shame that I somehow missed the turd of welcome. Where did the little bastards hide it?


On top of the bed.


Warren noticed it when he put the suitcases down there.


Well, that explains why I didn't see it. I didn't venture upstairs, although I considered doing something sinister to surprise you. I guess the dogs beat me to it.

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