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I believe you could out-shoot Jake, Sondra and Mac and call "bulls-eye" pretty quick.


And on the other side, from what I've seen, most libs who accuse someone using a straw man don't seem to have a clear understanding of what a straw man is.


I guess that would be a sort of straw man straw man fallacy then.


May we have more rhetoric? Please?


For an example or two of the Straw Man in action, you could try the fourth comment on this post, which I only point out because it may be the stupidest comment I've seen all year.

It seems like falsely accusing someone of using straw men or ad hominems shows up as often, if not more often, than the real thing. A lot of people's argumentation would be improved if they focused on the arguments instead of trying out glossary terms they saw in their debate team handbook.


Well, I guess you guys took the words right out of my mouth;)


Sure, Ana. I have an endless supply.


In the case Dorka mentions, the commenter is fielding a straw man argument based on a false accusation of an opponent using an ad hominem argument.

prairie biker

Gail- you claimed our polity might be intellectual in some other way than tragically. Careful or you'll be needing some remedial Freud lessons.


I don't put much stock in Freud. His work is full of phalluses.

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