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Christ Jake, if I had known that was you, I'd have invited ya over to share my "senior biscuits and gravy".


Hey, just be glad I didnt post Leghorn's oral dissertation on the art of wrapping fine china for shipping by a moving company. He began with;

"Having moved many times; first from Oregon to Utah, then Utah to Texas, and Texas to California, then up here, I can state that I've had quite a bit of experience in moving and more than a little bit of experience in packing fine china specifically. You see, most people make their mistake by........."

[This monologue was still going when I left]


Ya Lloyd.. When are you coming down this way ? I'll treat ya to a better breakfast than the Senior Biscuits 'n Gravy... Plus, I've seen your pic.. They'll laugh at you if you try to order off the senior menu.


Yeah Jake,
It doesn't look like I'm getting out until the end of Oct. I'm more of a Beth's cafe type of person. Ever been there? It's up on Aurora across from Green Lake. It's right up there with Dick's burgers for a good coating of grease after the bars close.
Christ, this really makes me wonder what I did with my youth, when this is the type of information I'm packing around. I understand your dilemma Craig.


Mmmmm. Pancakes.

Rob B

This may make me a traitor, but i like the french toast and bacon.


I fart in the general direction of your french toast, sir.

And exactly what kind of bacon do you refer to? Canadian?


(this is where Diana comments shortly . . .)


I think it's the comedian Lewis Black that claims that IHOP is his 'health club' - he hoists all the syrups - and I mean all of them, the entire contents of every container - at the table onto his pancakes and waffles for morning exercise ...Mmmmm syrup ...


Waffles for me, please.

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