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Scott P

Did you give it mouth to mouth? What if it was a prince?


That's one of the most beautifully funny things I've ever read.


Too little for any girl-on-frog action.

He was The Frog Formerly Known as Prince.

I named him Louie. Then Shadrack. Because of the rescue from the fiery asphalt. Girls always name shit.

Gail. What's your car named?


Thank you Jonathan. It was my Lesson For The Day. 1) Water isn't always bad. 2) Stay put. There are plenty of little froggies here for you to help.

Go figure.


3)Every prince has his warts.


I can also see the Louie/Shadrack connection because "Shadrack-Meshack-Abednego" sounds just like a line from "Louie-Louie."


I have never named a car.One is "The Sable" and the other is "The Trooper" or occasionally "The Pooper"


Are you sure there isn't some secret name you call your car when you aren't looking?

Ooooh. We should send Gail pictures of our cars with no identification and do that "guess whose it is" thingy.

Not a "guess whose thingy it is" post. That would creep people out.


It would creep SOME people out. Others it would give ideas to.

maggie katzen

eaten by a snake, heh.
reminds me of a time a friend and i watched this spider and grasshopper fight, and then we squished the winner. talked about him probably going. "I WON! I WON! I WO"

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