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Heeee. Sondra will love this.


I think this artist has a whole collection of fantasy shoes.


This reminds me, I saved a frog that I found being cooked on the road today. He was little and green and not at all hoppy. I poured a little of my cold water (out for a run) on him and he still wasn't hoppy so I picked him up and kept putting water on him until he livened up. He was released back into nature by an entourage of neighborhood children. Tomorrow he will be eaten by a snake. As it should be.


I love that story, Ana. I want to post it with a nice froggy picture. Watch me do that.


Oooh. You did it!


I have godlike powers.

Rob B.

And keen fashion sense, Gail. It's one of the reasons we love you.



may i know the view of side..front and the top..because i was looking for a shoe for my project and finally pick this one..it's awesome!!

Czarine, you need to go to the original site I linked to. Maybe the artist who made the drawing can help you.


i love you very much

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