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The music is killer.


I really like the flames.


The flames of Republican HELL

maggie katzen

i've seen the same thing applied to bill gates and the pope(john paul II)

prairie biker

damn, what's a real anti-christ gotta do to get a little recognition?

Rob B.

go on Dr. Phils show, PB.


this is why people should be required to pass an IQ test before being allowed to start a web site

if they fail castration is mandatory passing grade being about 55


I am glad im not the only one that thinks like this.I have had a feeling the wrold is comming to an end, so i did some research and something came up that this russian president will be the anti christ(an allie of bush) but i found it hard to belive because over all bush has so much power and evil in him, that i was like no this site doesnt explain much,especially talking how the was in Iraq is for a good cause.I then decided to type in "bush the anti-christ" and came across your old site. Eventually it really made more sense than the one about the russian president. Then i also read in another site that even the pope beofre he passed away feared that bush was going to be the anti-chirst... i really feel bad if you dont belive in the facts. Wheter anyone thinks we are stupid,crazy radicals or whatever it doesnt matter. Same thing happened when Nostradamus had visions, people thought he was nuts. We know the truth and thats all that matters <3

frank preview

What a vapid crew. "Gee, if I excoriate the president, everyone will think I'm sooo smart". Believe me, little ones, if you think W is bad, wait until they impose Sharia law on your poor innocent poopers. You'll be bowing to Mecca five times a day whether you like it or not. I know being patriotic offends your little non-existent priciples, but you might want to start "thinking outside the box". The US is still the only truly free nation on earth. EEEEWWWWW!!!


Are you a complete idiot, Frank, or don't you know how to read sarcasm? Now go back and read my post and tell my if I was seriously agreeing with the whack job that wrote that manifesto. If the answer is yes, go back and read it again until you figure it out.

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