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I think that's a pretty on-point criticism. I saw a list of potential terrorist targets in the US, and one that struck me were the dikes in the Big Easy. This was several years ago, and way back then it was pretty clear that fortifying those dikes would be a prudent DHS appropriation of funds.

The Kyoto-treaty talk I've been hearing today is not so on-point.


Right, Liam. I think this is not only a humanitarian issue but also a national security issue, and if it was underfunded in order to shift money to more visible or more politically rewarding areas, then there's a serious problem that needs to be addressed, but I really don't know how far to trust the Times-Picayune's account. This is something that would require a little nonbiased investigative reporting, but who even does that kind of thing anymore?

The global warming stuff is just silliness. Was global warming responsible for Camille or Hugo? We won't know for decades what the present weather patterns mean or how anyone's behavior might be affecting individual events.


There's a lot of screaming that the same thing (not doing enough at home) is (not) happening on the US/Mexico border. I suppose after a successful homeland strike by terrorist that arrived via Mexico, they'll point the finger at the admin, too, rightfully so.

I'd like some objective investigation, too.

Does a new, reinforced, elevated levy still stave off Katrina? Does it prevent flooding from the next hurricane?

Regardless, critics will be critics, legitimate case or no.


What makes me wonder about the T-P account is that there are no quotes from the administration. That makes me think that the newspaper has an anti-administration bias. In any event, before I credited the account, I would have to have the facts corroborated by another source.

prairie biker


The global warming stuff is not hooey. The average seawater temperature of the Gulf of Mexico has increased. What is hooey about the global warming debate is the speculation as to its causes.

The dikes issue still bugs me. re: my dad's advice ("Always buy a house on a hill"). I don't understand why anybody would put themselves in the face of that great of a potential danger voluntarily.

But there are so many compound issues here that to try to narrow it down to blaming only a small group of people would be incredibly irresponsible.


Oh, Matt, I didn't mean there was no such thing as global warming. I was referring to the argument that by not signing the Kyoto treaty the Bush administration has exacerbated global warming which in turn made the hurricane worse than it was. The idea that a single weather event can be analyzed that way is what is silly.


I also made a point of saying that if the administration underfunded the levees, it could "bear some responsibility" for the lack of preparedness -- not all the responsibility for the event itself.


Interesting that while we should be focused on saving people's lives some will invest energy today in 'Bush's Fault'.

The levees and pumping stations were completely rebuilt in 1995 with federal funds after a congressional act. So there's that.

Since when is it federal responsibility to manage municipal, local, and state affairs? And to continue to manage them?

The Space Needle in Seattle is an obvious terror target. If it gets hit, it will be the Bush administration's fault for not building a protective cordone around it and staffing it with federal agents 24/7. That's my Bush fault for the day... :)


The levees and pumping stations were completely rebuilt in 1995 with federal funds after a congressional act.

Well,that's one piece of information the T-P didn't bother to mention.

prairie biker

my pumping station didn't get used today because someone's levee is properly employed.

That's definitely bush's fault!

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