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It's absolutely stunning, is what it is.

Scott P

MC, you blow me away, brother. Every frickin' time.

prairie biker

That MC is an awesome picture takin' mofo!


He's trying to get us to go to Seattle without using words. I think he even considered sending JW a crab. Which, marketing wise, probably would not have had the desired effect.


Might be ok if it were packed in dry ice.


And Fed Exed.


Woulda done in a pinch


I've had the crab packed up for a few days - he quit kicking on Friday. I don't know where to send him :)


Really, you guys are great - thanks for the support - honestly the Hoh Rain Forest is a National Goegraphic cover everywhere I look. It is with trembling hands that I take any pictures there at all - it is a sacred place.

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