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Excellent. Maybe we could teleport some of JWs tenderloin and a few cowboy cupcakes over here tonight.


I can't speak for Scott's cupcakes, but if you want MY tenderloin, the rest of me comes with The Package, girl.

prairie biker

My understanding is they have had initial success at 'teleporting' individual subatomic particles. How they do it or measure that it has occured, I don't know. Pretty cool if so.


Yeah, that's the quantum teleportation thing they were talking about.I've read about it before and probably should have blogged it. I might research it again just because it is extremely cool.


If I remember correctly, what they can teleport so far is the information state from one particle to another particle, not a physical particle. I could be wrong though.


In recent years, many physicists have become excited about a phenomenon called "quantum teleportation," which works only with infinitesimally tiny particles.

So then, they ought to be able to teleport Clinton's dick, right?

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