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maggie katzen

oh,pun in the paper today.... "a half ton hog? you've never sausage a thing"


That's great. Now they're inserting the (lack of a) past participle mistake into puns. Oy.

maggie katzen

that must be why it took me a while to figure out what they were trying to say.


played music in a back yard in logan square chicago until 4am accordion guitar and banjo wrote a nice impromptu pirate shanty the whole thing was fueled by way too much Hamm's golden draft beer....this was friday evening first night back on the blessed soil of Illinois and really it was a beautiful night NOTHING like that happened the entire time I was in Seattle I spent far too much of a perfectly good walking around night trying to get some hippie to stop playing Jimi Hendrix licks over a Flatlanders song I was playing on my friend's porch that was the about as close as I got....freakin hippies and their rock music

Pie Shell

Welcome Home Filthy Commie!


That's funny, Aaron. Those Seattle people have to hang on the only cultural touchstone they have, you know? They still make Hamm's? What was the old slogan? From the land of pleasant living, or something?


Hmmm, is that my first post ever where every sentence ended with a question mark?


Great work!


Thank You for your source. Keep working!

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