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This just in: A woman and her husband in South Africa are suing an inventor and the government over the mis-laid application of a rape prevention device. "We just got frisky in the shower the other day and I forgot I had the implant in and then BLAM! the thing bites down on my poor Todd." said Mrs. Amanda Quick. Though the removal surgery was successful, Mr. Quick has lost 80 percent of the nerve endings in his penis and has repeatedly told his wife: "No matter what you say, I'm not going there again. NEVER AGAIN!" The couple claims that the physical and psychological damage is worth 20 million Rand... Film at 11. Hide the kids.


I suspect that you don't forget about objects in said location.

I, of course, do NOT have those parts but maybe the ladies can speak up one way or another.

Major John

Launch and demonstration?!


Yes, I was wondering about that Major. I wonder who gets to play the rapist.


And how much he gets paid.

prairie biker

However much it may be, double it and it still isn't enough.

What I wonder about is it says that the gent in question has to wait until he's flaccid for extraction. Maybe it's just me but if my pecker found something distressing someplace that it normally wouldn't have, I'm thinking it would sure try to come back out pretty darn quick. What are the repercussions there?

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