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Whatever the problem was, it's really sad that they couldn't just burro the hatchet.


Sorry. I made an ass of myself.


If you're a lion, you're a-dyin


I ain't lion. I wouldn't wanna be saddled with that reputation.

HEY! That ain't Johnny Cougar gettin' kilt, is it?


I can't think of a pun at the moment but those are some crazy photos. The donkey is not known for its ability to kill predatory cats.


Well, a mule is more like a horse than a donkey. They can get pretty big. But still, you don't think of them as being so purposefully aggressive. You'd expect it to kick and run not stand and fight.


And I love the placid look on its face.


I always have a placid look on my face when I kill someone.

Scott P

No fake, Julie.

Rob B.

I wonder if that was Clay Henry the Beer Drinking Mayor of Lajitas

I split a corona with him once, but I stipulate that I drank my half first.

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