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Now Scott, have you ever actually witnessed me killing?

Scott P

I've seen security camera footage, Julie, but it's a bit grainy...


Boy, this internet scam again?

The true story behind this is the mule and cougar were members of "Wild Wilbert's Wild West Animal Show" back in the early 1960s and were trained to do this very act, an alleged reenactment of some famous mule/cougar fight near modern day Missoula Montana.

Anyway, they did this show for years until Wilbert was arrested for interstate transportation of a minor for immoral purposes.

I'm sorry I had to be the one to break this to you.


I like the way the cougar pretends to have a broken neck!


Can you imagine how hard that was to train?

Major John

I dunno, I've seen camels that look like they could have kicked some butt...


Come on, Princess, you can do it. Move your spine a little more to the left and your head a little more to the right. Do it for a Kitty Treat!


Camels probably just do it with their breath.


Hey, we've got a Llama link!


Thanks Ana

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