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I hadn't been paying much attention to Rita because initially, they weren't even sure it would be more than a tropical storm, but I just saw the old guy who's the dean of hurricane experts saying on Fox News that it's the worst-looking storm he's seen in his lifetime except for Katrina. Yikes.

Rob B.

Now it's a cat 5 with 165 mph sustained wind, 185 mph bursts traveling at 13 mph. This is going to be really, really bad.

We've had crews shutting in production all day along the coast. on top of that there are a lot of refineries in that area. Can you say $5 gasoline. You may have to. Add to which natural gas is at 12 dollars and we are already in a shortage.


Good Luck Rob. Oh yeah and Hoodlumman too. Wait, what about Maggie?

Pie Shell

It won't get this far - ya'll can stay with me... I have internet.

Be safe!

maggie katzen

uh, we'll be okay in dallas. looks like we'll get some rain, and maybe the temperature will drop some. (yay! last night they were predicting highs in the eighties this weekend! yay!)

Rob B.

In dallas, they say by the time it gets to us it will be a cat 1, 60 mph winds maybe. The only real danger will be possible tornados.

maggie katzen

oy, i just saw that. but! it should be cooler! 100 tomorrow?! ugh it's almost october! it's times like these i hate texas.

Rob B.

But it's a dry heat.... ok , not really.


Galvaston has had its ass kicked in the past. They aren't messing around.

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