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And Tony! (Shell is plotting the wrinkling of your clothes, by the way.)


Yikes, you're right. Fixed.


Who are these dudes contracting for? KBR or Custer ? Dont look Triple Canopy or Black water....
Anyone recognize the uniform? The Toyota is too ubiquitous

Major John

If I ever get deployed overseas again, I'll be sure to take the iron and ironing board with my camera.

Mich Mash

Don't forget about your military wife friends. (MEEEE!) I speak for the 101st Airborne Division on behalf of my dear deployed JT. *muah*

I love eXtreme ironing. It's so clever.


Big ol' kisses to the Military Wifes out there. And kids. And husbands.

Mich Mash


Pie Shell




could be any guy

For the true military effect, they should show them ironing their tighty-whities prior to a wall locker inspection.

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