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Stupid fucking Anglican fucktard asshole bootlickers. Appease them! Appease them! We are milquetoast! Everyone is like us and if we're just nice enough to them they will leave our coward asses aloooooooone. SHUT UP ANGLICAN PRIESTS!

There's blame enough to go around. Everyone say you're sorry and go back to playing nicely. Jimmy, we'll stitch up that knife wound later. You probably asked for it anyway. Say you're sorry again. Ali, I trust you've learned your lesson about sharp things! Everyone play nicely now. And Jimmy, try to stop spurting blood, would you? It's making a terrible mess.

Sometimes my church makes me want to cry.


The thing is, they can believe any twaddle they want, and they can talk any piffle they want in private, but they're in positions of responsibility and their public pronouncements have very real consequences. It's just so British of them to presume that they know what's best for the wogs and to act without even consulting the people on the ground (cuz they're wogs, y'know) who might be persecuted or murdered as a result--all because THEY went to Eton and Oxbridge and THEIR opinions are the important ones.

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