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prairie biker

Awwwwwww Paris, you can pet my monkey.

Rob B.

Bur PB, you might grow up very violent as well.

(However, her video proves she knows how to take care of you.)


Good, I was getting tired of her showing off her monkey in public.


Although the video was kind of interesting. She ain't got nothin' on Jenna Lewis, though. Man, that girl could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

Rob B.

"Golf ball through a garden hose" good?


Who's Jenna Lewis? Wasn't she a Survivor chick?


Yes, she was on Survivor Marianas. Turns out she's a very, very naughty girl. And talented. And sincere and enthusiastic, which is always the most important part. I love sincerity.

That Sprockets Guy

Touch my monkey! Touch my monkey

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