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Sure have Gail. Went to a 'fugu house' (themed restaurant) in Oita - we had seven courses of fugu (that's blowfish if ye don't know).

Oita (on Kyushu island) is the only locale in Japan where sushi chefs are licensed to serve fugu - and especially fugu liver (where the poison is concentrated).

We had fugu in custard, fried fugu, fugu in noodles... The main course was fugu sashimi served with (cooked) fugu liver. Following my host's example I made a kind of pate out of the liver by mixing it with sushi dipping sauce (pretty close to soy sauce) and stirring it up. Then you take a sashimi slice and dip it in the liver pate.

It did sting my lips a little - and I mentioned this to my host - he said the stinging was fine, but if my lips or toungue went numb to please let them know immediately. I'm also convinced that fugu is slightly hallucinogenic which may account for its popularity.

Also, I noticed that there was a nasty over-fried fish fin in my sake when they served it to me. In an attempt at decorum, I said nothing about it, but it concerned me (I mean they're serving us poison fish here you know? If they're dropping fish fins in the sake....). Later my host asked "Doesn't the fugu fin ad such a nice bouquet to the sake?" I assured him that it did but politely refused seconds.

I did enjoy it. And as I think back on it, it's like - You can't make this stuff up.


Had reindeer in Alaska once...tasty, lean, only thing I didn't like was the way the meat blinked red.

Others: Siamese, Persian, Tabby, Manx.

prairie biker

I'll eat just about anything. I've had eel, sea turtle, all sorts of wild critters, marmot (don't recommend the marmot), possum, armadillo, rattlesnake, you name it.

I haven't had fugu yet but am more than willing.

The wierdest thing I've ever eaten was beaver. But that was more for her hair style than anything else.

prairie biker

No way Julie. To each his own. You like what you like and it's not my job to change you nor argue with you about it.


Well dang, PB, I was hoping you'd "discipline" me. :)


PB has pheasant to eat tonight!


We, on the other hand, are sending out for pizza. Thank God.

prairie biker

pheasant will be had tomorrow night. I'm too tired tonight and our resident pheasant plucker just decided she no longer wishes to hold the title.

I got her back though; I volunteered to chaperone the next junior high dance. That'll teach her. Now, what to wear, what to wear?

Steve L

... smacking their lips?? Naughty lips! Don't do it again...

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