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Still early here. Watching the football pre-game show.

Pie Shell (in absentia)

On my way to my mom's... will report from there.

Scott P

The stuffing is rye and whole wheat bread, mixed with sausage, sage, onion, celery, pine nuts and Bosc pears.
Green beans Almondine with crispy fried shallots and crispy minced bacon cooked in EVOO and butter. Oh, and crispy almonds.
Cranberry sauce is fresh uncooked cranberries with oranges, Granny Smith and Gala apples with a tiny bit of sugar.
Corn risotto with cream and fontina cheese and minced jalapeño.




I knew when I saw the word "rye" that it was Scott. You rock Mr. Cooking Man.

Scott P

We all rock. There's some damn fine cooks among us.

It's nice not having to make the turkey and mashed potatoes, I can get into the side dishes.


For us, Thanksgiving has to be totally traditional. Same thing every year. I have no idea why, but I'm even afraid to add an extra spice to the stuffing. It has to be the way my mom made it, which has to be the way her mom made it. Stuffing is cheap white bread, sauteed celery and onions, salt, lots of black pepper, and sausage (with sage in it already). I added some garlic this morning and felt quite daring.

Scott P

That's awesome, Gail. My brother and his family love that kind, and I do too really, so my sister in law makes that, and I make a more sophistated version. Every year, they all eat a little more of my stuff.

We had 24 people for dinner last year, but we only have 12 today.


I don't like me no fancy-pants stuffin' neither.


Thanksgiving Dork Alert!!!!

Donna asked me if I wanted to lick the pumpkin chiffon off the beater, and instead of pushing the release for the beaters, I pushed the "on" button. Wheeeee, pumpkin chiffon all over Donna and the counters, the windows......

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