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Wow. I already thought well of him because 50 likes George Bush so much. It seems that he's a bit of a romantic as well. What a guy.


And he's such a GIVING sort of guy. He doesn't want any of the ladies disappointed.

Rob B.

Some people talk about giving something of meaning back to the cummunity but he's willing to give a part of himself.

I here that Nancy Pelosi and Janet Reno will be doing the same thing.

(it made me gag to even type that)


50 Cent makes me puke. I wish arrogance could take the form of a horrible mythical beast and then burst out the top of his head.

Did I mention that he's butt ugly too?

Rob B.

But Julie, "He keeps it real!*"

* ~ With the possible exception of his fake variable speed dork he wants to hock on ebay.


Is this his contribution to humanity? Just so's I don't go missing it.


Hey, he wants to spread the bounty. Give back to the community. So to speak.

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