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I'll have to go with the Restoration playwrights. They're not necessarily my favorite literary figures, but they were really funny and smart. There'd be some great conversations with lots of bawdy talk.


Victorians. All of them. Although, don't you think they'd be kind of uptight?

Pie Shell

The Inklings because that's the mood I'm in.


The firewall here at work doesn't like your polls, so I can't vote. I'd take any of the above to meet, but you asked who we'd hang out with so I'd take the Lost Generation. That would be one heck of a party. Hell, Hemingway and Fitzgerald could drink the rest of that poll under the table by themselves.


Have you read any Dorothy Sayers, Shell? She wrote detective fiction instead of fantasy. I like all her work but my favorites are Murder Must Advertise and Gaudy Night.


And Gertrude Stein would have special brownies, Sean.


Ana, I don't think the Vics would be stuffy in all-male company. You'd have to cross dress.

prairie biker

Chaucer - he's a hard-drinkin, womanizin' perv.


Where are you Jake? You need to make a case for the Beats.

PB, At least Chaucer had some good stories to tell.


The real hell raiser would have been Mallory.

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