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Oh Carin, I'm so sorry! And you were planning to have the surgery today originally, right? Till they started dithering. Shit. You guys are in my prayers.


Prayers for your dad Carin.


Dithering, yes, that is exactly what happened. I gave my stepmonster marching orders to find the oncologist and put the heat on him.

Get this - he will be AT the hospital tomorrow doing rounds, but the nurse said she didn't know if he could see my dad because he wasn't a patient (since- he's not currently in the hospital for cancer reasons.) YET HE IS THE DOUFUS WHO WON'T GIVE HIM THE GO AHEAD FOR SURGERY AND PUT BREAKS ON THE ENTIRE DEAL. He's enough of "his patient" that he can revoke permission for surgery, but not enough that he can see him in the hospital.

Someone- please explain this to me.


Explanation: It's fucked up.


Yep. Now is the time for spending a few hours on iTunes. Nothing I can do, and too irritated to be good for anything else.

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