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Shell, I'm on my way to Mesa to pick up that kitty. Hankie has demanded that I go get him. He wants a little grandson.

So you get Oscar ready in his travelin' cloze.


It is too cute! I wish I had room for another kitty.

Pie Shell

Ssssshhhhhhh. Don't tell Gail... it's a FURBEE!

omg... I might have to change his name, roflmao.

Rob B.

Don't let it eat after midnight and don't get it wet.

Major John

Dammit Rob, you beat me to it...

Rob B.

"Great minds" and all that...


Furbee?? Not Trible? Oh, right, Tribles didn't have eyes. Or ears. They were just fuzz balls. Furbee? Is that right?


I can tell that thing's not a furby. That little guy's adorable and a furby's only good for killing.


There's also a Furby autopsy site.


Y'all are thinking of a Mogwai, the cute little furry critter that turns into a Gremlin if you feed it after midnight, etc.

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