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Sounds yummy. I make beef stew that I serve over Polenta (I didn't think I would like that, but it was yummy.)

Dinner sound good -as does the salad and wine ... I'm making a home made pizza over here. I'm preparing myself to go mess up the kitchen ...


wow! that sounds (smells?) great. our house is a big stinky smoky house cos we went out to lunch with leftover turkey still on the stove. the dog is both sickened and excited


That's prime condition for a dog, because if you eat something you can throw it up and eat it again.


Thanks for putting that thought in my head.


Boeuf Bourguignon is my all time favorite dish to make. Takes a lot of prep (especially peeling those dang pearl onions) but the wafting smell of it slowly cooking just can't be described - especially upstairs. I'm jealous, Gail. Do you flame the sauteed ingredients in brandy before oven-shoving?


No, I don't flame them, just sautee and then deglaze the pan with some of the red wine. In this case I'm using Yellow Tail Shiraz/Cabernet blend, but we'll be drinking Kendall Jackson Pinot Noir.


I have yet to deal with the pearl onions and the mushrooms. That's next on the agenda.


jeez, that's right. chelsea would love to eat and puke and eat and puke ...

Scott P

Wow, Gail, that sounds wonderful. Can I come over?


heh....you said Boeuf.

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