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Rob. B

For new years I'm letting the wife go over to her grandmothers house to play games and watch movies while I stay home with the dudes. My only concern is that she comes home shortly after midnight because of the drunk driver factor. Luckily her grandmother lives less than 4 miles away so I'm not too worried.


I'm working tonight and I just drove back to the building -- I could hear a lot of drunken hollering already, maybe your wife should sleep over.
It's Amateur Night


Feh! Rob's lying to all y'all! Illegal cell phone intercepts tell me he's invading Canada tonight with his pink farces!



Did you guys know that Shelleigh is a poker shark? She's going to her brother's tonight to play in their annual New Year's tournament. She won it last year.


This evening, I've decided to eschew Boeuf Bourguignon for Pizza se levante de croûte de poulet épicé de Di Giorno, served with a fine spring mix tossed salad, preceded by several exceedingly dry Grey Goose martinis. Nice knowing all y'alluns.


Get down with your bad self, J Dubs. I'll be having shrimp cocktail, a Caesar salad with grilled chicken, and a bottle of Gloria Ferrer champagne.


Help me out here, Craigster: Grey Goose martinis - coctail onions or olives?


Marbles, JW. Lots of good fibre.


We've just had dinner and I've had a large amount of Pinot Noir. Some fella kept refilling my glass.....


In this case, I always respect the man who sees the glass as half empty....

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