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Rob B.

Imagine the resume:

2004-Present Ox Bile Extractor
~ Duties included the processing of high quality ox bile for use in soap for dumbasses


Alright, cough it up Ferdinand.


There's nothing I hate worse than stale ox bile.

Scott P

Aren't you glad you use Bile? Don't you wish everybody did?

Pie Shell

It pains me deeply to think of all the bile I have heartlessly, senselessly flushed over the last 5 years.

"Here Gabby, mommy's gonna make you some nice soap, aim for the sterile bucket..."


Awesome Scott!

Scott P

[bows humbly]


very funny, scott.

hey, it dissolves fat? isn't that what skin is?


No, that's what ass is. Gotta get me some of that there bile soap.

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