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Don't tell him it was Julie and Shell. He'll really be pissed.

Pie Shell

SHUT UP, Craig.


Happy New Year to Gail and all...Thank you for a nice end to last year. I loook forward to getting to know you all more in the coming year. Love to you all!!! I am off the Cleveland *yuech".


Happy New Year, John! Relatives in Shaker Heights, eh?

Pie Shell

John, kiss your Pops for me... You have a great time with your family... Your dad will be just fun doll.

*muah, muah, muah*

Pie Shell

fun = fine.

DOH... there's a message in there, maybe?

Safe trip John and Petey!


I gotta hear about this bacon gravy.

Pie Shell

LOL... Dorka - it worked... it actually worked. And... it wasn't bad, but you don't want to eat it if you have anything else to do that day; verrrrry sleeepy now; heavy stuff.

I made it the way you'd make sausage cream gravy - started with a roux from the bacon grease and flour... then, added back the 1/2 pound of (crispy) bacon I'd cooked.


Nite nite.

h/t to Suze at Bob's for the recipe and GL for the idea... great... Dr. Atkins is not pleased.


Makes me feel stuffed and sleepy just looking at the recipe.


Morning! (ignoring the fact it's 4:40 p m)

Who's got some hot coffee?

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