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maggie katzen

ha, there's a "get fuzzy" strip where Bucky says he's gonna eat something off the sidewalk and Satchel tells him, "no, that's not the stuff you eat, that's the stuff you roll in" though anytime i see brains i think "mad cow" not good.

maggie katzen

or prions to be more accurate.


Seventh Day Adventists. We're becoming Seventh Day Adventists.


My Chinese roommate once made calves' brains in scrambled eggs and ginger and I told her I didn't like ginger. It was a lie.


Well. I don't think that anyone's going to hold that against you. No one really likes scrambled eggs.

Jim - PRS

Q: "Why is that can of Daytime TV Viewer Brains so expensive?"

A: "Do you realize how many of them we have to kill to get one can of brains?"



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