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I still think the Earwax Chronicles would be a good blog name. Or Band name. Whatever.

Rob. B

Have the attempted to confirm that by testing the Inuit?

Alois Brunner

Armpit odor is not a function of sweat alone, heavy sweaters may not produce any odor. This fellow needs to look at bacterial levels in the armpit and how the stink increase as flora develop then drops off once the counter stench bacteria battle it out with stench baring bacteria Some central Asians overwhelming smell of goat and various spices coming out of every pore of their body makes me wonder who the brave sole was who stuck his nose in their pits. How did he define wet versus dry earwax? Is it wet if it sticks to the end of your bic pen when you are bored at your desk? Is it dry if you bend over to bite your hamburger and a chunk falls on the bun? I need answers or I will not sleep tonight.


What about Australians?

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