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I happen to like terrible swill. It's a swill way to start the day.


Swilly to think otherwise, really.


Yes, JBelle! It is! You'd have to be steeped in ignorance to think so.

Zsa Zsa

It seems every where I go these days fruit flavored tea is offered! ... I am not a big fan. Is it supposed to have greater benefits or something?... I have a lemon tree in my back yard and if you ask me lemon is the only way to fly!...(Plus I have so many lemons, I have to do something with them???

You all are really swell here at Scribal Terror!...

Zsa Zsa

Uh oh... I am not making my tea properly! I do the sun tea thing for my iced tea.


Glad you're here, Zsa Zsa! You and JBelle are 2 great new terroristas!

Zsa Zsa

Thanks!... Have you ever had your tea leaves read? I bought a book on how to read your tea leaves and it is kind of fun!

Scott P

I used to like PG Tips. Nothing fancy, but good and reasonably priced.


My paternal grandmother was a right-off-the-boat Rossington. Funny that I never remembered the particular tea she used, but the necessary ritual: warming the pot, cups, saucers AND spoons, required steeping times and above all, the importance of the tea cozy. That woman could make some strong ass delicious tea.


My mother's side of the family was English. Name of Butterworth.

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