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prairie biker

leftovers and ice cold mead.


We've still got some of that in the fridge. Sounds refreshing.


Spaghetti, meat sauce, salad, rolls, pears, sorbet. M&Ms.


Oh. And y'all go to Matt's. His blog is being held hostage. Like anything of Matt's would allow itself to be taken alive.


I think not.


And FIU looks all new and spiffy and not at all like it's old self and no one bothered to check with US about it did they???

prairie biker

I liked the old FIU. The new one is just too sterile.


It looks all professional and shit. That's just wrong. YOU PEOPLE HEAR ME?? WRONG!


Barbecued chicken, cauliflower/broccoli medley, and fresh-baked Safeway Peanut Butter cookies with lo-carb vanilla ice cream. Kinda like ordering a Bic Mac and fries and a diet Coke.


Dude. You had chicken, cauliflower, broccoli, and diet coke all in one meal. You are a paragon of health. Have an M&M.

Scott P

Man, all of that sounds great.

I'm off to my local watering hole to meet some friends. No cooking tonight, but at least I've had to chance to do a bit again recently. I get cranky when I can't trash a kitchen.

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