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Major John

That reminds me of the slave harpsicord in the Adventures of Baron Munchhausen...


Gail, you already know that when I saw this at work I blew a gasket. Not the actual thing, of course, just the illustration. I am now at home experimenting on my own contraption: a squirrel kazoo. Trying to figure out which end to blow into.

Scott P

Kinda redefines the whole "kitten on the keys" concept...


That thing might work for about five seconds. After that you'd be doing nothing but fishing cats out from behind the sofa and under the bed and in the closet and from the hamper and in the sink...


...and from your jugular, where their little kitty teeth would be sunken deep.

Rob. B

I was hoping it was like a game of "Whack-a-mole"


"Oh, Roooooooobbbbbbb!!!"


heh heh heh. Whack-A-Mole. I like it.

Mich Mash

Somehow I imagine myself playing the Meow Mix theme song on that. I want one. But I don't think I have room enough to house all of the animals. :p

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