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Damn cups don't look big enough for a decent amount of java anyway ...

Scott P

I wonder if they're for expresso or Turkish coffee?


If you can stand one more comment on the islam question, I want to be clear that, as I've said on numerous occasions, I know perfectly well that there are plenty of muslims who just go about their daily lives. I'm not expecting one of my moslem co-workers to rush up and stab me in the chest, although I'm sure there were a couple of you last night who wished someone would.

I'm sorry I went off like that, but I was pissed, and I still am. The thing that put me over the edge was the murder of Ilan Halimi, coupled with the increasingly bizarre bend-over-and-grab-your-ankles behavior of the PC useful idiots in the West. Like this, which is disgusting. When Bush was asked about the violence, did he focus on condemning it? Nope, he allowed as how the cartoons were offensive. This is insanity.

People in the West need to wake up. Whether there are good moslems or not, the idea that a great and peaceful religion has been hijacked by a tiny minority is bullshit, and I'm sick of hearing it. They will push and push until we're all dhimmis.


WOW. Perfect timing. Watch this woman named Wafa Sultan put the wood to 'em, as Ace put it. Couldn't have said it better myself.


I don't think anyone here is naive about the threat of Islamofascism/terrorism. The only thing I've been fighting against (and I've been doing this quite a bit at INDCJournal) is the bad rhetoric and "To hell with them" crowd. The attempt to make the entire religion of Islam the enemy. I think Islam can coexist with the West, it'll just take a while to get there. Communism wasn't defeated in a day.

The main problem with painting Islam as the enemy is that the logical next step is essentially a state of war with every Islamic country. Why bother with promoting democracy in Muslim lands? I think Islamism or Islamofascism are perfectly good terms that describe our enemy.

Also the useful idiots are never going to change their minds. The best you can hope for is to change the minds of the undecideds in this country. I think the Cartoon protests are going to disabuse the majority of the American public of any leftist misconceptions like "OBL's not doing it for religious reasons, it's over political issues" or the Left's sneering at "they hate freedom", etc. ad nauseum.


The main problem with painting Islam as the enemy is that the logical next step is essentially a state of war with every Islamic country.

Yeah, that bothers me too, Dorka. In fact, I'm convinced that's the reason that Bush has been doing the Texas Two-Step on this issue. But then you start getting into the whole "Who are the true islamists?" question. If you accept the premise that the fundamentalists are a minority--and I think that's absurd, at least worldwide, it might be different here--then it's going to be up to the "moderate" moslems to show that democracy can flourish in moslem countries. Because democracy and islam the way it was intended to be practiced cannot co-exist.

islam is a way of life that includes control of every aspect of life, socially, politically, and religiously. It's a Gordian Knot of a problem, and I don't have the answer, I just know that I'm sick of people making excuses for 7th-century barbarism.


We're just under 5 years into this war (sincerely fighting I mean). It's going to take time for them to advance from the 7th century to the 21st. I'd prefer to at least try that before we write them off.

I certainly believe we'll succeed.


Goddamn china's nice.


David Warren.

Useful idiots.


In the name of islam.

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