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You know, I was horrified, but then I went and read the story. The lady buying the dress didn't use even a minimal amount of precaution. She did things that EBAY even tells people NOT to do. I was trying to sell a car about a year ago - using a paper and online add. You should have seen how often I got scamming emails about it.


She wanted the gown badly enough to do something stupid. She'll pay attention when the bullshit detector goes off next time. Expensive lesson. Could save her a lot of grief in the future.

Scott P

I was prepared to be more sympathetic until I read it, too. What an idiot.


Yeah, that girl and her uppity dress. She oughta go to Filene's Basement for her bridal gown like decent girls.


We should hate her and her uppity dress. With it's exquisite golden sash.

She deserves her misery because she's so uppity.

Uppity Girls Should Be Ripped Off.

Suffer Uppity Girl. Got to SEARS for your dress! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


(The pills will kick in any moment. Carry on.)

Scott P

Ain't you girls bein' awfully uppity about this?


BAM! They're kickin' it uppity a notch!


I got my wedding gown for very, VERY little money at a Cincinnati department store and it was gorgeous.


Laura is just about the right size to wear it now. I think I'll put her in it this weekend and take a pitcher.


I loved my wedding dress. Which is a good thing because when I tried to sell the darned thing, it just wouldn't move. Maybe I should try eBay.

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