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Woo Hoo!!! FIRST!

Now I'm going to bed.

Drink lotsa coffee for me, terroristas!


Good morning Sunshines!

Steel Cut Oats with butter, brown sugar, and cream? Maybe a little coffee? Mmmmmm?

prairie biker

just coffee, maybe a little yogurt


Tea and biscotti for me. I am not an imaginative breakfaster in the morning. We do all the good breakfasty stuff when we have BFD: breakfast for dinner.

Shelleigh (aka Pie Shell)

Tasha and I will have grits.

Scott P

Good morning, gang. Got busy geeking and forgot to check in, my bad.

Breakfast, hmmm... not hungry yet. I'll have to do a post on Swedish pancakes one of these days.


I go through moods - when I just don't care about breakfast at all. I'm currently in that mood. I know I need to eat something, so I force myself (1/2 a raisin bagel this am.)

Scott P

I forgot that I just bought Thomas' English Muffins yesterday for the first time in years. Now I'm hungry.


Ooooo. English Muffins are on the short list of recipes to try.

maggie katzen

rto makes little pizzas with english muffins, very tasty.

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