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We don't have bears. We have turkeys.


But I have stepped in dog puke. It's worse when you're pregnant. Then you puke too. Woo Hoo. Family time.

maggie katzen

seems like y'all have things covered.... clowns...cat puke...certain people who that i won't name to protect the innocent....fdsaFDFDF (roxie felt the need to weigh in there).....and at the moment, the song Oliver! cause it is teh suxor! (stupid interval jumps) if i could yodel it, that might be different. hmmmmmm.

Mich Mash

I hate the uts you get on the roof of your mouth that never seem to heal.
I hate the at hair that is always stuk to my floor.
I hate that the "see" button on my omputer isn't working.


I am filled only with love for the world and all its inhabitants. Except for the Belgians.


And their chocolate and waffles. Bastards.

prairie biker

I hate haters and blowjobs with teeth.

Jim - PRS

Car salesmen
Restaurant cell phone talkers
"Reality" TV
Network News
Maureen Dowd

Rob. B

Blowjobs with teeth suck...wait..there has to be a better way to express that...

Mich Mash

Hubby always says that he hopes I lose all my teeth one day. Hmm I think now I know why.

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