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Mich Mash

Geez. Nothing is sacred I guess. Glad the little koala gave them the whatfor. Haha!


When I lived in Australia, I heard those cough-drop-scented feckers were dangerous. Apparently they've been known to kill cats.

They're not around Melbourne, though, so I only saw 'em at the zoo. I was kept much more busy avoiding deadly spiders and snakes.


Is it just me, or do you think a pair of glasses would make that animal look just like Kim Jung-il?


Same expression. Yeah, basically.


*snork* obviously the crocodile hunter is not popular in his own home country. He did a whole show on them and talked about how unfriendly they really are.

Koala Bear

Everybody tries to pet me.

Fuck 'em.

I'll bloody scratch your stinkin' ears clear off the side of your head Miss 'Oh-he's-so-cute'.

I need a lager.

Rob B.

Mental note about nature: If the wild animal doesn't run from you there is a good reason. That reason is normally that you should be running from it.


i loave teh look on the koloas face. sort of tony-randal-as-stoen-cold-kiler.

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