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Scott P

Work, work, work and entertaining visitors in between. Fun, but a bit draining.


I so ronery. Warren's on a trip and Laura's on an overnight.


Dang, Gail. If I didn't have this putrid pile of papers to grade, I'd take you out drinkin. Until you puked. Until you got downright kimjongILL.


That's OK. I'm going to take the opportunity to do housework that hasn't been done all semester.

maggie katzen

uh, i don't think you're supposed to do housework if you're the only one there. at least that's my theory.


If I'm the only one here, there's nobody to immediately mess everything up again, so I get a little time to enjoy it.

Scott P

I think Gail and Julie need to go boozin'.

Chug, chug, chug, chug! C'mon, all of your students are probably doing it.


I am totally with Gail on this. Housekeeping with chillins is a waste of time. But, when they're GONE, you can (like) clean the kitchen and a few hours later is STILL CLEAN!

So, clean, then drink. That's my suggestion.

Rob B.

Drink while you clean, it's what I do. Besides vodka gets out stains.


Yes, but it also makes them.

"Alcohol...the cause of, and cure for everything" -- Homer Simpson

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