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You forgot to mention that the chili has CINNAMON In it.


That's just Skyline Chili. I don't put cinnamon in mine. We used to get it at Frisch's without the cinnamon.


Oh, now you have to explain what "Frisch's" is ... I know, of course, since I lived there.


And, Cincinnati has a totally different interpretation for "X-way" terms: "three-way", "five-way", etc.

Jim - PRS

Okey dokey. I'll percolate a bit, then post something.


It has to be interesting; it's New Jersey.


Hometown: Brazil, Indiana

Four Neat Things:

1. We used to have a mayor named Norval Pickett, Jr.
2. Everyone there has had "relations" with at least one sibling.
3. Brazil, South America gave us a big statue because we're their "sister city." (which kind of goes along with #2).
4. This year the town broke its own record for number of operating meth labs.


Frisch's is kind of like Shoney's, if that helps.


Hold it, hold it, hold it gosh darn one second. You cannot use any food that comes out of Frisch's as anything Cincinnati Original. When you talk Chile, you can only talk Skyline Chile. No execptions. Anything smothered in grated parmesan cheese knocks it right off the Cincinnati orginal map. I suspect you eat the chili spaghetti by sticking the fork in it and twirling?!! You see, THAT"S JUST WRONG!!!! Damit.


I have to agree with Tommyboy, parm has nothing to do with Cincy chili (nor does Frisch's).

Yes, they still call them ponykegs.

The airport being located in another state is hardly an interesting enough fact. Newark is an airport for NYC, all of the DC airports exist in other states. Clearly there is something more inspiring to you about the 'nati. I'll get you started... Jerry Springer was the mayor... people are crazy obsessed with HS football... the differences between the east and west side... the police shoot/beat up an unarmed african american youth every 6 months or so leading to riots/protests/boycots... people play a ton of cornhole, etc.

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